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For professional use only with permission.  Please credit photographer as follows:

Photo by: Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

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  1. Valerie Daria


    If possible, I would like to use Susanne Hou’s downloadable photos along with her biography (as found on for an assignment for university. I need to practice designing the inside layout of a magazine. I would submit it for a grade, and if possible, I would also like to include it in my portfolio. May I have permission to do this?

    Thank you very much,

    • SusanneHouAdmin

      Dear Valerie,

      Thank you for your message and inquiry! Yes of course you may use these photos and biography for your university assignment, if it is not already past finished! Send me a link when it’s done and – if content appropriate – I’d be delighted to share it with my followers!

      Best regards,
      Yi-Jia Susanne

  2. Billy Puckett

    I got to meet you when you toured with Bow Fire. Thank you for congeniality and your musical abilities. Best of everything to you. Billy Puckett.